P92 Eaglet US-LSA

Fly for Fun

The Tecnam P92 EAGLET is a high wing, two place, single engine airplane equipped with tricycle landing gear. The EAGLET is the plane for fun, while enjoying beauty inside and out.


Quick facts


Max Range

Fuel Capacity
2×11.9 US Gal

120 kts

Max Cruise Speed

222 km/h



Two seats side by side

4.5 US Gal/h

Fuel Consumption

Only 17 l/h per hour,
AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel



Using the proven P92, (an all metal, two seats, single strut braced high wing aeroplane, as the base platform) and paying particular attention to the needs of the new American LSA category, Tecnam has delivered the best high wing training and cross country aircraft to date in the light general aviation category.
The Eaglet combines the best features of their existing high wing aircraft line merged into a single platform. The Eaglet’s  increased side visibility, smooth aerodynamic lines, a low profile modular panel able to accommodate a wide range of avionics, while still maintaining excellent visibility over the nose, a trait of all TECNAM models.
The doors which are lined with automotive type door seals, seats that give full support with excellent leg room, side map pockets as well as pockets in the back of the seats all combine to make the Eaglet a very comfortable aircraft.
Some of the advantages: Superior performance and flight characteristics. Low stall speed with excellent response at all speeds. Stable and Responsive with uncompromising build quality (based on CS/VLA certified Aircraft). Excellent visibility, roomy, quiet and ergonomic.
All this makes the Eaglet the natural choice for discriminating buyers of all ages and levels of flight experience.

Interiors Details

The generous interior dimensions of the Tecnam P92 Eaglet allow maximum space for Pilot and passenger alike.
With two wide doors and eco leather seats adjustable fore and aft, the cabin provides great flexibility for pilots of varying physical size to optimize their comfort. Each seat is provided with a three point seat belt. Dual controls come as standard with PTT and electric stabilator trim on the stick with a trim indicator on the panel. The plane comes with dual conventional rudder pedals with steerable nose wheel and toe brakes.


Non additive, replace standard equipment and avionics


Flight instruments and indicators
• Attitude, Electric
• Directional, Electric
• Turn & Bank
• Trim Position Indicator
• Flap Indicator

Engine analog instruments:

• Tachometer
• Hour Recorder
• Oil Press
• Oil Temp.
• Head Temp.
• Fuel Press.
• Voltmeter
• Ammeter


• Garmin GMA 240 Audio Panel
• Garmin GTR 200 Com
• Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
• Garmin 796 Gps XM Version
• Stick Pushp-To-Talk Switch Pilot/Copilot
• Mic & Phone Jacks Pilot/Copilot
• Antennas:
– Transponder
– Vhf
– Gps

Option 2 – GARMIN G3X

Garmin G3X two screens Avionics Package for For Rotax 912 Uls2 & Is
• GDU460
• GDU465
• GEA 24 Engine Instrument Module
• GMU 22 Magnetometer
• GtGTPp 59 Temperature Probe
• GA 35 Gps/Waas Antenna
• GA55 Xm Antenna (Tso’d-GDU 375 Only)
• LRU Kit
• Installation Kit
• G3X Sensor Kit
• Back Up Airspeed. And Altimeter


• Amps
• Monitor Cht
• Aircraft Bus Voltages
• Oil Temperature
• Oat
• Oil Pressure
• Manifold Pressure
• Fuel Pressure
• Rpm
• Trim Indicator


• Garmin GMA 240 Audio – Panel
• Garmin GTR 200 Com
• Gtx 23 Transponder Mode S Remote Mounted
• Stick Push-top-talk Switch-pilot/Copilot
• Mic & Phone Jacks-pilot/Copilot
• Antennas:
– Transponder
– Vhf
– Gps

Standard Equipment

Flight instruments and indicators

• Magnetic Compass
• Airspeed Ind.
• Altimeter Dual Mode (In/Mb)
• Vertical Speed
• Bank Indicator
• Pitot System
• Static System

Engine instruments

• Tachometer
• Hour Recorder
• Oil Press
• Oil Temp.
• Head Temp.
• Fuel Press.
• Voltmeter
• Lh + Rh Fuel Qty
• Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
• Flap Indicator

Dynon D10 includes:
• Tachometer
• Oil Press
• Oil Temp.
• Fuel Press.
• Voltmeter
• Amp
• EGT 4
• Carb. Air Temp
• Fuel Qty Rh Lh
• Hour Meter
• Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
• Flap Indicator

Flight controls

• Hydraulic Toe Brakes
• Parking Brake
• Electrical Flaps
• Dual Flight Controls
• Steerable Nose Wheel
• Stabilator Trim (Electric Actuated From Stick)
• Engine Controls:
– Carburetor Heat (Only Lycoming)
– Central Throttle Quadrant
– Choke
• Flight Trim Controls:
– Stabilator With Indicator
• Fuel Control Selector With On/Off

Panel switches

• Split Starter
• Avionics Master
• Fuel Pump
• Starter Key Acs

Electrical system

• 12 Volt 18A Amp. Battery
• 12 Volt Alternatorsp20 Amp.
• Switches:
– Master Switch
– Landing Light
– Nav Light
– Strobe Light
• Circuit Breaker Panel
• Landing/Taxi Led Light
• Wing Light Green/Red, White And Strobe Aveo Full Led
• 12 Volt Socket
• External Power Supply

Fuel system

• Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 90Lt\22.4Usgal Total Capacity
• Engine Driven Fuel Pump
• Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Electric
• Fuel Tank Quick Drain , Two


• Pilot And Copilot Seats:
– Adjustable Fore And Aft
• Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness, All Seats
• Wall To Wall Carpeting
• Map E Storage Pockets
• Radio Call Plate
• Soundproofing
• Luggage Compartments


• Epoxy Corrosion Proofing, All Structure
• Lh/Rh Front Door Pilot/Copilot, Lock And Key
• Rear Window
• All Lateral And Rear Windows Tinted Brown
• Main Wheels, 5,00 X 5
• Nose Wheel, 5,00 X 5

Exteriors lights

• Wing Light Green/Red, White And Strobe Aveo Non Tso
• Taxi Light Led

Cabin comfort system

• Windshield Defroster
• Ventilator Adjustable 2 Place
• Heating System With Defrost

Powerplant and Propeller

• Fire Wall Inox
• Engines P 1 Rotax 912Uls2 100 Hp, 4 Cylinders
• Liquid/Air Cooled, Integrated Reduction Gear
• Dual Ignition System
• Throttle Control Lh/Rh
• Tubular Steel Engine Mount
• Propeller P Sensenich, 2 Blade Fix
• Propeller Spinner
• Air Filter
• Oil Filter
• Oil And Water Coolers
• Fire Sleeve On Fuel And Oil Tubes
• Termostatic Oil Valve

Standard Avionics Package

• ELT 406 Mhz With Antenna & Remote Mounted Switch

Product Support and Documents

• Manufacturers Full Two Year Limited Warranty
• Pilots Operation Handbook
• Maintenance Manual
• Parts Catalog


Tecnam has partnered with PistonPower and now offer Engine and Airframe Programs on both new and in-service Tecnams