First TECNAM P2012 “SMP” Special Mission Platform Configuration for AirborneHydroMapping GmbH

Capua, Italy — Tecnam announced today that the Austrian-German engineering and surveying company AirborneHydroMapping GmbH (AHM GmbH) is extending its fleet and survey possibilities with the new Special Mission Platform aircraft for aerial mapping, based on the 11-seat P2012 Traveller. With the great success of the P2006T in Special Mission Platform (about 100 platforms sold […]

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Air Force of the Dominican Republic acquires the Tecnam P2006T ‘Special Mission Platform’

Tecnam today announced that the Dominican Republic Air Force (FARD) would be the first military operator of the Tecnam P2006T SMP (Special Missions Platform) aircraft. The primary role for this P2006T SMP aircraft will be Countering Transnational Organized Crime (CTOC) and support the Dominican Republic Navy (ARD) and the Dominican Republic’s National Drug Control Direction […]

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