From Canada to Argentina with a Tecnam P2006T

Great adventure for Argentina Air Force Major Matias Gaitan, also flight instructor on many Tecnam planes at 18 Cañuelas Flight School, and his copilot Francisco Martire, flying from CYBW Canada to SAAR Argentina with the Tecnam- P2006t LV-GUY. More than 7200 mn flying over the Carribean and South America. It is a Guinness record, the longest […]

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On July 5, the Solo Flight eremony of the first 34 officials of the Argentine Air Force trained on Tecnam P2002JF aircraft took place at the School of Military Aviation in Córdoba, Argentina, where both Giovanni Pascale Langer, Tecnam’s Chief Operating Officer and Walter Da Costa Global Sales & Marketing Director were invited to attend. The […]

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Tecnam Conquers Aconcagua

At nearly 23,000 ft, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in both the Southern and Western hemispheres. It has been a long held ambition of Mario Cardama, Tecnam’s Argentina based dealer to fly over Mount Aconcagua. On the 24th of May, Mario achieved his lifelong ambition as he powered his Tecnam P92 Tail Dragger up to […]

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