Tecnam and Redbird – unbeatable value

Tecnam’s commitment of bringing affordable pilot training to all took a major step forward with the announcement during this year’s Oshkosh GA Expo of its close co-operation with Redbird Simulators.

FMX_Tecnam Redbird simulator

In introducing the Tecnam’s association with Redbird, Phil Solomon, CEO of Tecnam North America highlighted that the growing demand for more cost effective pilot training not only in the USA but especially in developing countries made Redbird a natural choice for co-operation with Tecnam.

Phil stressed that The Redbird can be used to provide up to 50 hours of time for the commercial license, is very consumer friendly and low cost compared with anything else around.

Tecnam North America’s goal is to establish Tecnam franchised flight training centers that make use of the Tecnam LSA’s, the Tecnam P2006T twin and the Redbird simulator, along with the Tecnam developed software and financing/leaseback programmes to support FBO’s in delivering a game changing flight training package to aspiring commercial pilots.