P92 SeaSky Hydroplane

Wherever you want to go

The Tecnam P92 SeaSky Hydroplane is a metal, 2 place, high wing, seaplane fun machine. So much room for entry, long legs and baggage. The performance and control feel are only matched by the incredible view, both looking out and looking at the Seasky.


Quick facts


Take-Off Run on Water

656 ft

97 kts

Max Cruise Speed

180 km/h



Two seats side by side

17 l/h

Fuel Consumption

Only 4.5 US Gal  per hour,
AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel


The Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane, the 6th generation model of the very successful Tecnam P92 Echo Classic
and Eaglet range of aeroplanes. Tecnam’s reputation for developing aeroplanes for all aspects of General Aviation flying was further established today with the introduction of the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane.

Requiring a take-off run of less than 200 metres, coupled with an impressive climb rate and a 100 hp engine, the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane affords ease of operation, both on the water (be it lakes, rivers or sea) and in the air.

Hydroplane Details

Floats are made in carbon fiber with reinforcements for wheels and 6 access doors to enable easy inspections. A powerful electric water pump allows the water drainage from floats directly in the sea.

A marine rudder kit includes rudders on both floats, a support plate with special retraction marine control knobs.

Requiring a take-off run of less than 200 metres, coupled with an impressive climb rate and a 100 hp engine, the Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane affords ease of operation, both on the water (be it lakes, rivers or sea) and in the air. The Tecnam P92 Sea-Sky Hydroplane offers pilots the pleasure of enjoying both blue waters and blue skies.

Standard Equipment

Flight instruments and indicators

· Magnetic Compass
· Airspeed Ind., Km
· Altimeter
· Vertical Speed
· Bank Indicator
· Pitot System
· Static System

Engine instruments (Only For Rotax)

Dynon D10 Includes:
· Tachometer
· Hour Recorder
· Oil Press
· Oil Temp.
· Head Temp.
· Fuel Press.
· Voltmeter
· Lh+Rh Fuel Q.ty
· Flap Indicator

Flight controls

· Hydraulic Toe Brakes
· Parking Brake
· Electrical Flaps
· Dual Flight Controls
· Free Tail Wheel
· Stabilator Trim (Electric actuated from Stick)
· Engine Controls
– Throttle (Two)
– Choke
· Flight Trim Controls
– Stabilator With Indicator
· Fuel Control Selector With Lh/Rh Off (AND AIR)

Panel switches

• Avionics Master
• Fuel Pump
• Starter Key Acs

Electrical system

• 12 Volt 18A Amp Battery
• 12 Volt Alternators-20 Amp.
• Rocker Switches Internally Lighted
• Switches:
– Landing Light
– Strobe Light
• Circuit Breaker Panel
• 12 Volt Socket

Fuel system

• Two Integral Fuel Tanks With 92 LT, xx US Gal Total Capacity
• Engine Driven Fuel Pump
• Fuel Tank Quick Drain


• Pilot And Co-Pilot Seats:
– Arm Rest
– Adjustable Fore And Aft
• Seat Belts & Shoulers, All Seats
• Wall To Wall Carpeting
• Luggage Compartments


• Epoxy Corrosion Proofing, All Structure
• LH/RH Front Door, Lock And Key
• Main Wheels, 5.00 X 5
• Nose Wheel, 5.00 X 5
• All Window Tinted

Exteriors lights

• Wing Light Green/Red, White Strobe and Aveo Non TSO
• Taxi Light

Cabin comfort system

• Windshield Defroster
• Ventilator Adjustable, 2 place
• Heating System with Defrots

Powerplant and Propeller

• Engines 1 Rotax 912Uls2 100 Hp:
– 4 Cylinders
– Liquid/Air Cooled
– Integrated Reduction Gear
• Dual Ignition System
• Throttle Control LH/RH
• Tubular Steel Engine Mount
• Propeller 2 Blade Fixed Pitch
• Propeller Spinner
• Air Filter
• Oil Filter
• Oil And Water Coolers

Product Support and Documents

• Manufacturers Full Two Year Limited Warranty
• Pilots Operation Handbook
• Maintenance Manual
• Parts Catalog


Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height 3,15 mt – 10.3 ft
Fuselage Length 6,9 mt – 22.6 ft
Wingspan 9,30 mt – 30.5 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover) 0.91 mt – 3 ft
Cabin Width 1,06 mt –  3,5 ft
Max Seating capacity 2
Fuel tank capacity 2 x 45 lt – 2 x 11,9 US GAL


Engine Manufacturer Rotax 912 ULS
Engine Power 98 HP
Time Before Overhaul 2000 hrs
Propeller Two-Bladed Fixed Pitch
Fuel Consumption 17 lt/h – 4.50 US Gal/h
Fuel Type Mogas and Avgas

Design Weight & Loading

Baggage allowance 20 kg – 44 lb
Design Weight 650 kg – 1433 lb


Max Cruise Speed (KTAS) 180 km/h –  97 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS 76 km/h –  41 kts
Practical ceiling 3500 mt – 11500 ft
Take off run RWY 150 mt -492 ft WATER 200 mt – 656 FT
Take off distance RWY 290 mt – 950 ft
Landing Run RWY 150 mt -492 ft WATER 80 mt – 260 FT
Landing Distance RWY 260 mt – 850 ft
Rate of climb 4 m/sec – 800 ft/min
Range 430 NM – 796 km

Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Flight Manual.