P2002 Sierra RG

Low Wing, High Pleasure.

The P2002-Sierra RG is a two-seater side by side, low wing aircraft with retractable landing gear. The P2002 Sierra RG is the plane for flying with a style, enjoying beauty inside and out.


Quick facts


Max Range

Ready for cross country.

135 kts

Max Cruise Speed

250 km/h



Two seats side by side

17 l/h

Fuel Consumption

Only 4.5 US Gal  per hour,
AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel


The P2002 Sierra RG features superlative performance and flying qualities, now confirmed by hundreds of P2002 ultralights, Light Sport and VLA aircraft sold throughout the world and validated in 15 countries outside of Europe. The ease of piloting and maintenance make this aircraft an excellent solution for training in flight schools. It is an ideal platform for surveillance as well as for pure recreational and private use. The option to use 100LL AVGas or unleaded automotive fuel (with up to 10% ethanol content) makes this aircraft even more flexible and cost effective. The P2002 Sierra RG encompasses the latest developments of Tecnam aircraft. The use of advanced software for design, structural and fluidynamics analysis, and experience in building airplanes with all types of materials results in continuous aircraft improvement. Due to the tapered laminar airfoil and the slotted flaps, the P2002 Sierra RG is an outstanding aircraft with a perfect mix of aerodynamics, performances, and structural efficiency.

Interiors Details

Seats are adjustable in flight and increase in height as they are moved forward.
The luggage area allowing for 44 pounds/20 kg of weight is located behind the seats with ample room for several travel bags.
All Tecnam aircraft have dual control sticks with a curved base for ease of ingress and egress.
The dual controls come standard with PTT and electric stabilator trim on the stick with a trim indicator on the panel.
The interior is spacious, ergonomic and comfortable.
Dual throttles allow the pilot to fly either left or right handed.
Heat and defrost come standard.
The fresh air vents are conveniently located in the doors.
All Tecnam aircraft provide excellent forward visibility over the cowling.
The plane comes with dual conventional rudder pedals with a steerable nose wheel.
The wide conventional type instrument panel allows placement of a broad range of equipment. Gear up and enjoy the Sierra RG!


Standard Equipment

Flight instruments and indicators

Magnetic Compass
Airspeed Ind., Kts
Altimeter (In)
Vertical Speed
Bank Indicator
Flaps Indicator
Pitot System
Static System
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Landing Gear Position Light Three
Landing Gear-In-Transit/Not Locked Light

Engine Instruments

Hour Recorder
Oil Press
Oil Temp.
Head Temp.
Fuel Press.
Lh+Rh fuel qty

Fuel system

Two – Integral Fuel Tanks, 100 Lt Tot Capacity
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Fuel Quick Drain
Auxiliary Fuel Pumps, Electric

Flight controls

Hydraulic Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Steerable Nose Wheel
Stabilator Trim (Electric Actuated From Stick)
Engine Controls:
– Throttle, Two
– Carburetor Heat
– Choke
Landing Gear:
– Retractable Electrohydraulic
– Selector Switch
– Warning Horn
– Emergency Extension
Flight Trim Controls
– Stabilator With Indicator
Fuel Control Selector with On/Off
Panel Switches:
– Starter
– Fuel Pump
– Engine Lh And Rh Ignition Switches

Electrical system

12 Volt 18A Amp. Battery
12 Volt Alternators-20 Amp.
– Landing Light
– Strobe Light
Circuit Fuses Panel

Product Support/Documents

Manufacturer’s Full Two – Year Limited Warranty
Pilot’s Operation Handbook
Maintenance Manual


Pilot And Copilot Seats
– Adjustable Fore And Aft
Seat Belts & Shoulder Harness, All Seats
Wall To Wall Carpeting
Luggage Compartments


Sliding Canopy With Lock And Key
Rear Window
Tie Down Rings
Retractable Landing Gear
Main Wheels, 5,00 X 5 Nose Wheel, 4,00 X 6
Stall Warning

Exteriors lights

Wing Tip Strobe And Position Light
Led Taxi Light

Cabin comfort system

Ventilator Adjustable 2 Place

Powerplant and Propeller

Engines – 1 Rotax 912Uls2 100 Hp, 4 Cylinders
Liquid/Air Cooled, Integrated Reduction Gear
Dual Ignition System
Throttle Control Lh/Rh
Tubular Steel Engine Mount
Propeller – Sensenich, 2 Blade Variable Pitch
Propeller Spinner
Air Filter
Oil Filter
Oil And Water Coolers


1003 Category Upgrade to Advanced includes:

Fire Wall Inox
Andair Fuel Valve
Radio ICA210 Installed
Transponder GTX 327 Installed
ELT AK 450 Installed
Fire Sleeve On Fuel And Oil Tube
Parachute Junkers 600 Kg

1004 US-LSA includes:

Fire Wall Inox
Airspeed Ind., Kts
Hydraulic Toe Brake
Andair Fuel Valve
Panel Switches:
– Split Starter
– Avionic
Starter Key Acs
Circuit Breakers Panel
All Windows Tinted
Tie Down Rings
Fire Sleeve On Fuel And Oil Tubes
Thermostatic Valve Oil
Baggage Compartment Net
Taxi Light Led
External Power Supply
Extended Warranty For Rotax Engine ( 1 Year Extention)
Heating System With Defrost


Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height 2.35 mt – 7.7 ft
Fuselage Length 6.61 mt – 21.7 ft
Wingspan 8.6 mt – 28.2 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover) 0.91 mt – 3 ft
Cabin Width 1.11 mt – 3.6 ft
Max Seating capacity 2
Fuel tank capacity 2 x 50 lt – 2 x 13.2 US Gal


Engine Manufacturer ROTAX 912 ULS
Engine Power 98 HP
Time Before Overhaul 2000 hrs
Propeller Two-Bladed Fixed Pitch
Fuel Consumption 17 lt/h – 4.50 US Gal/h
Fuel Type Mogas and Avgas

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight Design Weight: 600 kg – 1320 lb
Baggage allowance 20 kg – 44 lb


Max Cruise Speed (KTAS) 250 km/h – 135 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) KCAS 65 km/h – 35 kts
Practical ceiling 4572 mt – 15,000 ft
Take off run 105 mt – 344 ft
Take off distance 200 mt – 656 ft
Landing Run 90 mt – 295 ft
Landing Distance 200 mt – 656 ft
Rate of climb 6.1 m/sec – 1200 ft/min
Range 693 NM

Specifications subject to change without notice. Always consult the Aircraft Flight Manual.