P2006T SMP


The TECNAM SMP is based on the revolutionary aircraft TECNAM P2006T, the only twin engine aircraft that can fully match all the today special missions purposes due to its characteristics.

Tecnam P2006T SMP

Quick facts


Max Range

Ideal range for any type of mission.

150 kts

Max Cruise Speed

Wide Cruise Speed Range: from 55 to 150 kts



Four seats.


Fuel Consumption

Only 9 Us Gal per hour both engines,
AVGAS and MOGAS Automotive Fuel


The TECNAM SMP is based on the revolutionary aircraft TECNAM P2006T is is today the only twin engine aircraft that can fully match all the special missions purposes due to its characteristics, in particular:

  • Fully CS/FAR 23 IFR certified – both analogue and glass cockpit available and validated in many foreign countries in addition to EU/US.
  • Low acquisition cost.
  • Single pilot operations approved also in IFR.
  • Extremely low operation and maintenance costs.
  • High flexibility with both Aviation and Automotive fuel (up to 10% ethanol content) approved, also mixed in any ratio
  • High payload capacity with special weight saving program
  • Wide speed range (cruise from 55 to 145 kts)
  • Possibility to be equipped with a wide range of payload/sensors
  • Operations from semi-prepared fields and extremely low take off and landing distances (1470ft-448mt and 1050ft-320mt respectively over/ from 50’ obstacle)
  • Wide room for passenger(s) which allows the installation of a comfortable working station (operator’s desk)
  • No view obstruction for cameras and sensors, even during 30° turning due to the high wing
  • All removable seats that allow to further increase the internal volumes;

The Tecnam P2006T SMP allows the unique chance to have a platform ready for third parties sensors integration:

  • The aircraft is available with multiple factory approved holes, up to three hatches in one platform;
  • Multiple sockets power box, with 40 Amp/ 28 VDC available for mission purposes;
  • Turnkey solution (to be approached on a single Scope of Work basis) will allow to avoid third parties involved in STCs: Tecnam can offer a flexible choice with basic airframe+electrical power up to the turnkey solution. Customer can better focus on its main business with this approach, dealing only with the OEM;

the Platform


Tecnam P2006T is a twin-engine four-seat aircraft equipped with two four-cylinder four-stroke Rotax 912S3 liquid cooled engines of 100hp (73kW) each with an exceptional TBO of 2000 hours.


The high-wing configuration offers stability, cabin comfort and excellent visibility.


P2006T is a robust yet very light airframe, resulting in an outstanding payload-to-total-weight ratio.


The fully retractable landing gear allows the installation of multiple sensors on the belly avoiding reflections, obstacles and interferences thus maximizing the sensors performance.


Two fuel tanks are located outboard of the engines holding 200 liters in total providing 5 hours endurance.


The P2006T can be equipped with the most advanced IFR Glass Cockpit Display (Garmin G1000 Nxi) and other navigation aids like Autopilot,  Storm scope, DME, etc.


The cabin’s structural design ensures the required crashworthiness prescribed in recent amendments to the FAA-FAR23 and EASA-CS23


The twin-engine configuration of the Tecnam P2006T is extremely dependable, enabling the aircraft to travel long over water distances or over rough terrain.


Simple and convenient access to the engine compartment allows for fast daily inspections.


Low fuel consumption and minimum maintenance requirements convey in extremely affordable operating costs.


The P2006T configuration allows stall speeds lower than 55 kCAS at Maximum TakeOff Weight with very short take-off/landing distances, making it ideal to operate in short runways.

HATCH1Hatches Available

25.6×16.5in/650x420mm CABIN HOLE

This cabin hole is located under the rear passenger’s LH seat. Its dimensions and the extensive room above the cabin floor allow the installation of several types of systems/sensors. The distance from cabin floor and the fuselage bottom skin is only 4.5in and it is ideal in order to maximize the FOV of cameras, lasers and sensors.

With this option it is possible to install all the sensors listed below (other brands can be evaluated upon request):

• Wescam MX-15 and MX-10 EOS Cameras;
• FLIR 380HD and 380HDc EOS Cameras;
• FLIR 275 EOS Camera;
• Radar (to be managed by third parties STC holders) • Steady Track LG stabilized mount;
• Ultracam sensors;
• LIDAR Laser sensors (RIEGL, ITRES, LEICA)


t122-267mm-w267mm DIAMETER CABIN HOLE

T122 (MX10 ref. Mod. 2006_229). This hatch and Wescam MX-10 dedicated fitting plate allows the immediate integration of turret. The fourth seat can stay in place while the absence of exhaust gases, together with the camera “stow” position, allowing this equipment to be the “entry level” law enforcement configuration.


150X150mm CABIN HOLE




t124-tailcone-w395x305mmTAILCONE HOLE

T124 This hole is located below the fuselage tailcone. Its dimensions and room allow the installation of gimbal EOS up to 10 inches diameter. This hole can be provided in conjunction with any of the available cabin other holes offering the maximum flexibility when multiple sensor are required on the same platform.



Electrical System:


The P2006T aircraft standard version is equipped with 14V electrical system supplied by two alternators (one for each engine), each one capable of 40Amp.
Most of mission systems, sensors and equipment operate with 28V. Tecnam can offer a really flexible capacity in terms of the electrical system with the Special Mission dedicated electrical system. Basically, this option’s modifications on the airframe allow the end-user to have the following available power sources for mission system with an uncompromised aircraft system safety.



Mission system power comes from both LH and RH engines, 70Amp improved alternators + internal generators. The overall 14V surplus power available for mission equipment is converted by a “converter box” and distributed via multiple connector box supplying 40Amp at 28VDC for mission equipment.



The aircraft systems are always and autonomously operative. Several safety provisions allow the mission systems to never draw energy from the standard aircraft system, also in case of OEI operations.


There is no need of a separate 24V mission battery unless specifically required by the particular sensor initial current draw;


A relays system allow to plug an external 12V power unit operate or test sensors on ground, with engines OFF and using the common, P2006T standard 12V external socket.



Easily removable for maintenance purposes. The Converter Box is located inside the baggage compartment and weighs just 9kg.


SMP Packages

The TECNAM SMP is the right solution for your Company, whatever is your capability…

Analogue IFR package

1001 – 845 kg Empty Weight. Includes the following equipment:
• Dedicated 28V electrical power V.1 (based on 70Amp + built in) incl power supply and alternator 70Amp
• Big cabin hatch (mod 2006_207) – 650x420mm


T101 5.5 KCS55A HSI Slaved Compass System ( exchange for DG with Heading Bug)
T102 6.0 GTN 650 Com/Nav/Gps with Antennas and inst. With GI106A Ind.
T103 6.1 GTN 750 Com/Nav/Gps with Antennas and inst. With GI106A Ind. (Exchange for GTN560)
T104 5 ADF – KING KR87 with KI 227 Indicator

Glass IFR package

1002 – 862 kg Empty Weight. Includes the following equipment:

  • Garmin G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System
  • MD 302 Standby Attitude Module
  • DME – KING KN63 – Integrated control – displayed on PFD
  • Dedicated 28V electrical power V.1 (based on 70Amp + built in) incl. power supply and alternator 70Amp
  • Big cabin hatch (mod 2006_207) – 650x420mm Non-Additive. Replaces all Standard Avionics.


T106 5.8 ADF – KING KR87 (displayed on PFD)
T108 5.5 TAS 600 AVYDINE Traffic Advisory System
T109 3.0 L-3 Storm Scope WX 500


T110 9.0 S-TEC Autopilot System 55X Dual AxiS with Automatic Electric Trim Turn Coordinator (exchange for Std TC) and DG with Heading Bug (exchange Std DG)
T111 3.0 Electric Trim (S-TEC, already included in the option 110)
T113 1.5 Debris Protection
T114 1.0 Surround View Windows
T115/A 2.0 Leather  Seats Two-Coloured (New Look)
T116 6.0 Special Paint two colours or SMP air superiority gray
T116/A 5.5 Luxury Interiors (Leather  Seats Two-Coloured New Look and Wall side Panel Matt Gray)
T121   Disassembling and packing in two 40 ft container


T122 0.5 Cabin Hole 267mm Diameter (MX10 ref. Mod. 2006_229)
T123 0.5 Cabin Hatches small 150×150 mm (lenght x width) ( ref. Mod. 2006_170)
T124 1.5 Tailcone Hatch 395×305 mm (lenght x width) (ref. Mod. 2006_261)